Trendy Holiday Gift Ideas for Under $50!

This holiday season we're all looking for a bargain without sacrificing quality.  And from cute animal hats and gloves to trendy print scarves and fashion fedoras, David and Young Accessories (D&Y) has something for the tween, teen and Mom on your gift list for under $50.
D&Y Critter Kingdome hat and gloves.

Everything She Wants loves the Critter Kingdome animal gloves ($24), perfect for any cheeky young and young-at-heart gal.  Varieties include Paco the Panda, Pedro the Penguin, Leonardo the Lion and Manny the Monkey. I also adore D&Y's funky Japanese print Kimono scarf ($19.99), available in teal and brown.

D&Y accessories are available online and at select retailers.  I luckily picked up a couple Critter Kingdome hats and pairs of gloves at the Filene's Basement liquidation sale.

D&Y Critter Kingdome gloves ($24).
D&Y Kimono scarf ($19.99).