Lanvin for H&M in Stores Today: Do You Believe the Hype?

I wasn't one of the lucky bloggers invited to preview Lanvin's limited edition collection for H&M (but I was invited to a first look at the Last Call Studio by Neiman Marcus store in Paramus, NJ and the new Forever 21 at 21 Fifth Avenue, so there).

Image courtesy of H&M.
Nevertheless, my interest has been piqued.  I wanna see what all the fuss is about.  Anyone who knows me or has read Everything She Wants knows that I live for a bargain.  Yes, H&M is one of my fave stores, but no matter how pretty or sexy, cocktail dresses that range from $199 to $249 aren't my idea of a deal.

The reporter in me, however, wants to be part of the action and I plan to pop in Manhattan's flagship store on Fifth Avenue.

Perhaps I will fare better with one of the accessories, more reasonably priced from $19.95 to $49.95.  And according to, the most affordable Lanvin for H&M collector's item is a tube of iconic red lipstick for $9.95.

Or then again I may go back to the new Forever 21 to spend the rest of my generous gift card.