Nivea Debuts New Packaging and 25 Percent More Per Bottle!

Earlier this month, NIVEA unveiled its new packaging design inspired by the original NIVEA Creme Tin. The new look features the iconic round, blue NIVEA logo, features sleeker, smoother bottles and helps unify the full NIVEA product collection when you see it on the shelves of your local Target, Walgreens or favorite drugstore.

As a NIVEA Digital Influencer, I'm a little biased and I love the more modern reinterpretation. The classic blue packaging, however, will always spark nostalgia.  But no matter how they're packaged, I can personally attest to how well the NIVEA Q10plus range--the Skin Hydration Lotion, Skin Firming Cellulite Gel Cream and Skin Firming Cellulite Serum--works on firming and tightening the skin and reducing the appearance of cellulite. 

As an added bonus, bottles of NIVEA's key products like Extended Moisture Body Lotion and Sun-Kissed Radiance contain 25 percent more!  That's more bang for your buck.