Real Housewives of Atlanta's Battle of the Booty Workout Videos

One of the highlights of this season's storyline on The Real Housewives of Atlanta has been Kenya Moore and Phaedra Park's battling booty workout videos. While Phaedra's was initially called "the donkey booty workout" and Kenya's "Stallion booty workout," both reality TV stars have wisely ditched the Dr. Doolittle titles. Kenya's renamed video, "Booty Boot Camp," was released March 5, 2013.  And Phaedra and her husband Apollo's "Phine Body" workout was quietly released about a month earlier.

If we had to pick, we'd go with Kenya's workout tips.  As if she would ever let us forget it, she is a former Miss USA, darling.  In addition to copying her bootylicious idea, Phaedra has accused Kenya of getting injections to plump her rump.  But we think the beauty queen's assets look enviably taut and toned. And we can't get enough her "Gone with the Wind fabulous" twirls!

Check out these sneak peeks from both videos and tell us what you think.  Would you rather follow Kenya or Phaedra's fitness tips?