4 Summer Fashion Trends: Hot or Not?

Fashion is subjective.  So many of you may love the trends I'm about to bash.  Admittedly, some of these trends have been embraced by women far younger than me, so that may be the disconnect....or maybe these looks just err on the side of tacky?  In an homage to my former blog, Hot Mama Daily, I want to know what my Everything She Wants' readers think.  Are these summer 2012 trends hot or not?

On the right woman, the cutout shirt trend can look sexy chic and not trashy.  But toned arms and un-sweaty pitts are a must.

Who wears short shorts?  Not me.  And if you do, I beg you to stop.

Please don't wear a crop top unless your belly is as flat as the model in this photo.  Or better yet, if you're over the age of eight, skip the crop tops and midriffs altogether. 

Wedge sneakers are a hipster trend for summer into the fall/holiday season, but I can't decide whether I love 'em or hate 'em.

Top three photos from Forever 21.com. Last photo by Tracy E. Hopkins


  1. I love crop tops -- actually one of my fav summer trends. I think it's super cute to pair them with a high waisted skirt/shirt/pant and show a little bit of midriff.



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