Laser Hair Removal at Home from Tria Beauty

When it comes to hair removal, I've always been a razor and shaving cream kinda gal.  I'm also no stranger to Nair, which used to smell like burning hair but has thankfully become more fragrant over the years.  Some ladies, however, take hair removal more seriously and look for a permanent soultion.  If that's something you've considered, her are some tips from Tria Beauty*, one of the UK's leading providers of professional, light-based skincare solutions for use at home.
Image from Tria Beauty.

How laser hair removal works
Laser hair removal has been around a long time.  But it's been perfected over the last twenty years and the technology has proved effective at removing hair permanently.  The biggest downside is that it's a costly process.  Salon laser treatments are available for any number of problem areas, but a series of treatments are required.  And for many women, the expense is the main drawback to laser treatment.  Facial hair, in particular, can be distressing for women and laser treatment is the most effective solution.  This kind of treatment is relatively quick and it's one of the cheaper options.  For those looking for larger areas of hair removal, the costs are higher and it will take more time to remove hair permanently.
Why is it so expensive?
Hair grows in three stages and individual hairs pass through these stages at different times.  The simple fact is that one treatment will only remove some of the hairs, leaving the general area still showing hair growth.  Periods between sessions will vary depending on the part of the body being treated. Although laser hair removal is safe, it’s important to have rest periods between treatments.  Additionally, hair with a coarser texture will require longer periods of treatment. Unfortunately, laser hair removal is not suitable for all skin or hair colors.  People of color with dark skin cannot get laster hair removal treatment, since this type of skin contains melanin, the same pigment found in dark hair. Melanin is what the laser targets, so suitable hair should be dark, but skin should be light or medium in tone. 
D.I.Y. hair removal
But don't fret if you can't afford salon laser treatments.  Finally, an effective home laser treatment is available on the market.  Tria laser reviews demonstrate that this product, which looks as harmless as your average hair dryer, is easy to use, cost effective and offers permanent solutions.  Models like the Tria Hair Removal Laser include safety features which ensure that they only operate if your skin and hair are of appropriate hues.  
In terms of cost, the home laser systems are highly competitive compared to the average salon treatment.  Like salon treatments, you will need a course of treatments.  The initial cost of a home system is around the same as a course of bikini line treatments.  The difference is that this is a one-time cost, and the home laser can be used to address any or all areas that you need to treat for as long as you need to treat them, at no additional cost. 
*This post was sponsored by Tria Beauty.