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3 Summer Fashion Trends You Already Own

Summer hasn't officially started, but the summer-like heat and humidity is already here.  And if you're like me, you're scrambling to figure out what to wear.  To give us some styling guidance, DailyCandy 's Everywhere Editor, Tiffany Davis, gave Everything She Wants  her top three must-have trends for summer 2012.  The good news is that you may already have these looks in your closet. Kara Laricks' color-block jacket and shorts./Saks Fifth Avenue 1) Remixed hemlines:   This season is all about taking the maxi, midi, and miniskirt hemlines and then re-mixing them to your liking. For example, we’ve had a rash of New York City days involving winter weather in the morning and sweltering temps by noon. I’ve seen tons of women knotting maxi dresses at the ankle, the knee (or even higher) for a quick style tweak on the go. And whether they’re wearing a motorcycle jacket and boots or Grecian sandals, it looks effortlessly chic. 2) Tone-on-tone color-blocking:

Eye Cream Treatments and Benefits from sjal

For years, I've been under the illusion that I don't need to use eye cream.  I thought that a moisturizer was enough to, literally, cover all of my facial needs.  Alas, as the fine lines creeping around the corners of my eyes can attest, I was mistaken.  Sjal  (Swedish for spirit, mind, heart and soul) is a luxury skincare line that melds Western science with an Eastern infusion of precious minerals and gemstones to increase celullar productivity, performance and repair and enhance the skin.  Kristin Petrovich, creator of sjal, has a few tips for Everything She Wants' readers on the benefits of eye cream.  sjal skincare When should women start using eye cream?  Kristin Petrovich: Mid-to-late twenties to help protect, preserve and begin correcting any early signs of aging. Why is it important to use an eye cream around your eyes instead of a regular moisturizer? KP: Eye creams are specifically formulated for the eye area. Typically, they are more gen

Memorial Day Flip-Flops from Havaianas

Flip-flops have come a long way, baby.  And at the forefront of the fashionable flip-flop trend is Havaianas.  New for summer 2012, the Brazilian footwear brand has several limited-edition styles featuring the Muppets, Mickey Mouse, and feminine mosaic, flower and geometric prints and patterns. To benefit Baby Buggy , a non-profit dedicated to providing clothing, products and educational services to families with children in need, Havaianas collaborated on designs with celeb Moms including Courteney Cox and Tori Spelling.  Ten percent of sales will be donated directly to Baby Buggy, so pick up a pair and make every day Mother's Day. Havaianas also has a new Sole Collection of espadrilles and sneakers that feature canvas uppers with the original, ultra-comfortable flip-flop sole. Here's a sneak peek of the 2012 collection, now available online and in select stores. Photos by Tracy E. Hopkins

Bethenny Frankel's Skinnygirl Solutions Shapewear at Macy's

Is there anything that self-professed skinny girl Bethenny Frankel can't sell?  Apparently not, since the reality TV queen turned millionaire entrepreneur recently debuted her Skinnygirl Solutions Shapewear line at select Macy's stores nationwide. Somewhere on the Upper East Side, Jill Zarin is inconsolably kvetching. Photo by Albert Michel for Alison Brod PR. Frankel's inspiration for the brand was to develop shapewear that you actually want people to see. Everything She Wants attended an exclusive preview of the decidedly sexy, lingerie-inspired undergarments that retail for under $65.  Frankel, flaunting her lithe frame in a tight black dress with one of her Skinnygirl Solutions' camis peeking through paired with nude pumps, greeted the press with the irreverent sense of humor that's made her famous. The natural food chef and yoga enthusiast described her comfortable, versatile shapewear as "user-friendly" pieces you can wear under a blazer o

Designer Spotlight: Fashion Star Winner Kara Laricks

Former fourth-grade school teacher Kara Laricks won the NBC fashion competition, Fashion Star . Laricks always told her students to be true to themselves, and she finally took her own advice and pursued a career in fashion. She designs androgynous clothing for men and women, inspired by her love of menswear and an avant-garde Japanese design aesthetic. Best known for her hoodie scarves and collar-and-ties, Laricks puts a spin on what is deemed traditional women's fashion. She considers her partner Melissa to be her biggest supporter because she encouraged her to pursue her passion. Everything She Wants caught up with the designer after her win via email: How has Fashion Star changed your perspective of the fashion industry? Kara Laricks: I have always thought of myself as a "high end" designer -- in other words, one that dreams of creating a mood and experience for my customers through a runway show -- telling a story through my collection with a clear be

Boho Summer Jewelry Trends from Bee Charming

This summer, you can't have enough friendship bracelets, bangles fashioned from precious stones, crystals, beads and wood, and bracelets adorned with Buddhas, evil eyes and skulls.  Pile 'em on -- the more the merrier.  And e-commerce site, Bee Charming , has plenty of these trendy bracelets to chose from and other funky costume jewelry styles. Photos by Tracy Hopkins Founded in 2001 in New York City, Bee Charming's slogan -- " Catch the Buzz -- Get 'em, Wear 'em, Share 'em " -- is fitting since the jewelry is designed to be interchangeable and mixed and matched with fine jewelry.  The eye-catching collection is functional and features zipper necklaces that actually zip, handcuff bracelets that open and close, and leather, and chain wraps that can be worn as either a bracelet or a necklace. The charming costume jewelry line also has a new Vintage Collection that includes fun nautical charm bracelets, edgy Vintage Buffalo Horn necklaces an

Acne Remedies and Treatments from Reviva!

When it comes to skincare, who needs fancy packaging or an expensive price tag? The most important thing is that the product works.  And the more natural the ingredients the better. That's why Everything She Wants is such a fan of Reviva Labs .  Reviva products can be found in most health food stores, and they've really helped me control my adult acne flair-ups.  Here's the successful regimen I've followed for the past three months: Step 1: Cleanse with Camphor Cleansing Milk ($8) for oily or blemished skin. This simple formulation is blended with imported camphor added for its astringent and anti-bacterial properties. Unlike other acne washes, it gently cleanses and doesn't leave my skin feeling dry.  And since I started using it, I haven't had as many breakouts.  I should mention, however, that I also regularly get LED light treatments for acne and anti-aging. Step 2:  After I wash my face with the Cleansing Milk, I use Camphor Toner ($8) .  I use

Mother's Day Scent: Perry Ellis Aqua

What do you give the woman who seemingly has everything? How about a new fragrance? Image courtesy of Perry Ellis. Perry Ellis Aqua ($60) is a smooth, refined scent with warm amber and infused with musk.  Top notes include sheer bergamot and kaffir lime.  And the heart of this crisp fragrance is accented with a hint of lavender, a dash of cilantro and a touch of aqueous marine. Everything She Wants received a bottle to try, but I decided to give it to my Mom.  She's a fresh scent kind of gal, like me, so I'm sure she'll love it. To pick up your bottle of Perry Ellis Aqua, go to a Macy's, or Dillard's near you, or order online .

Budget Mother's Day Style at H&M!

From statement accessories under $20 to pretty tops, dresses and skirts under $50, H&M has something to suit the style of every young and young-at-heart Mom. Here are a few choice picks from H&M's summer collection -- in stores now -- that would make great last minute Mother's Day gifts. Pretty party dress, $17.95 Cat-eye sunglasses, $24.95 Feather necklace, $12.95 Pencil skirt with bird print, $49.95

Natural Dandruff Treatments and Remedies

Dandruff keeps falling from my head ( not as poetic as raindrops keep fallin'...huh? ).  So I was pleased to find a few tips from skincare expert Cecilia Wong in my inbox.  The New York City aesthetician says, "You may not realize it, but you are constantly shedding dead skin cells from all over your body. It's the skin's natural way to rejuvenate itself."  She adds that scientists have discovered that dandruff occurs when a yeast-like fungus called malassezia goes wild on your scalp. The microscopic malassezia fungus, a normal inhabitant on a healthy human head, feeds on the fatty oils secreted by hair follicles in the scalp. Another cause for dandruff is dehydration. With the weather changing constantly, Wong says, it's unavoidable.  Everything She Wants has been using tea tree oil, tried-and-true Neutrogena T-Gel shampoo , and an olive oil spray and those treatments seem to be helping.  But here are a few more natural dandruff tips from Won