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Amy Bubes Sterling Silver Jewelry is Everything She Wants

Some women are addicted to designer shoes and handbags. But Everything She Wants' fashion obsession and biggest splurge is on jewelry; especially sterling silver.

So I was thrilled to discover Amy Bubes Jewelry at a Southern designer showcase.  Amy's earrings, bracelets and necklaces are simply chic and can be easily worn with jeans and a basic tee or your fave summer party dress.

Designer Amy Bubes
I caught up with the Maryland native who lives in Atlanta via email to discuss her line, which is sold in select stores and online at Fragments.

Everything She Wants: How long have you been designing jewelry and what is your design philosophy?

Amy Bubes: I have always been a very creative person, and for the past 20 years channeled my creativity through raising my three daughters. Like most women, I love jewelry and have always been fascinated as to how it was created. I began metalsmithing and designing jewelry four years ago and launched Amy Bubes Jewelry exactly two years ago.

Jewelry is one of those wonderful accessories women keep in their wardrobes, unlike clothing and shoes which change due to styles and sizes. My designs are meant to be mixed with some of a woman’s favorite pieces -- expensive or not -- to change a look and freshen it up.  Think silver worn with a strand of pearls, chunky gemstones, leather, horn or wood… or even with inexpensive trendy pieces of the moment.  

A woman who “mixes” the elements of her look is confident, sophisticated and definitely has her own sense of style.

ESW: Why did you chose to work with Argentium Sterling Silver, and how does it differ from traditional Sterling?

AB: Argentium® is a relatively new formulation of Sterling Silver that was developed in 1996. It is a higher grade of Sterling Silver, so it is a bit more expensive which may be the reason it is not used as often by designers.  I think the benefits far outweigh the costs, and I only use Argentium®.  It's harder, brighter and tarnish-free since it contains less copper than traditional Sterling. 

Amy Bubes Argentium Sterling Silver hoops, $200
This also makes Argentium® a more responsible silver, which is both appealing to the consumer and the designer. The reasons are obvious for the consumer; as for the designer, manufacturing time and not having to use toxic chemicals to remove firestain are a tremendous benefit. I see a difference between the traditional and Argentium® Sterling Silver, and prefer only to use the Argentium®.

ESW: Why do you think there are so many talented designers in the Atlanta area?

AB: Although Atlanta is traditionally known as a Southern city, it really is a melting pot of people from all over the country due to the many large companies headquartered here. When there’s an influx of people in any area, it creates a community with a variety of backgrounds and talents. 

Atlanta is also a treasure trove of art, design and music. So when you combine those assets with the nice weather, I think it nurtures a culture where people feel inspired to think “out of the box” and be more creative.


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