3 Summer Fashion Trends Not to Wear on Father's Day...or Ever

Everything She Wants and your Dad would love to see these summer fashions take a vacation far, far away from the urban landscape...

Maxi dresses: These ankle-sweeping dresses can look sweet, but shouldn't be worn unless you're on holiday in a tropical climate or going to a cookout.  Hey, I'm guilty of this fashion offense too.  I recently wore my cute tie-dye maxi dress to a press event, but in hindsight I think the look was too beach-y and informal.

Moccasins:  Please don't wear suede shoes lined with faux fur in summer. It just doesn't make sense. And aren't your feet hot?

Crop tops: I like the idea of crop tops, but unless you're a professional dancer (or welder-by-day and stripper-by-night a la Flashdanceare they ever really flattering?