Chico's Summer Fashion Accessories are Statement Jewelry

My mother has great style and she loves Chico's.  But I always thought of the chain as a "mature" brand and didn't think I'd want to shop there until I was much older.

Well, what a difference a little dress up exercise can make.  At a Chico's accessories styling event, Everything She Wants got to flex her personal style with some surprisingly trendy pieces.  I was given a basic white Chico's blouse and dolled it up with some handpicked statement jewelry.

I love the chunky silver and wooden necklace and the wooden hoops and bracelet I'm wearing in the photo to the left.  The accessories are on trend with the ethnic/tribal vibe popular for spring and summer.

Watch my video below to find out why I'm so Chico's.

Me at the Chico's accessories styling event.


  1. Wow those jewelry pieces are awesome! I too love Chicosespecially their jewelry line. Fashionable and sexy!


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