Valentine's Day Jewelry Love Letters

Filili"Love" necklace
Around Christmas time I discovered jewelry designer Luiny Rivera while reporting a segment for Brooklyn Independent Television at the Artists & Fleas marketplace in Brooklyn.

Rivera's funky Filili designs caught my eye, and I particularly heart her brass "Love" necklaces.  The Puerto Rico native's handcrafted jewelry is a steal for only $20 and up.

Paloma Picasso designed a similar hand scribed "Love pendant" in sterling silver for Tiffany & Co.  I purchased the Filili token of affection for $20 and Picasso's Graffiti collection necklace sells for $175.  I know which price is right for me, but you decide which piece of wearable art you like best.

Paloma Picasso Tiffany "Love pendant"
Rosena Sammi Sanskrit "Love" necklace
For an exotic expression of amour, Rosena Sammi makes a necklace with "Love" written in Sanskrit.

The necklace comes in sterling silver and gold vermeil styles priced from $88 to $199.


  1. I love the Sanskrit necklace from Rosena Sammi... it's beautiful!!

    P.S. You were featured in Essence's Street Style online!! Those photo galleries are a not-so-secret obsession of mine. I was so excited to see your lovely face!


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