The Fearless Girl's Guide to Shopping : EP.1 FreeMeet Swap

Now and again I like to revisit the YouTube video I did on clothing swaps. Besides the clip being my 15 minutes of broadcast journalism fame, I have a passion for swaps and recycling clothing and wares.  Hey, one girl's trash is another girl's treasure.

Since my husband and I produced my video on FreeCycle's Freemeet swap in New York City a few years ago, swap fever swept the nation.  So watch and let me know about any upcoming swaps or recycling events in your nabe.

One upcoming event that's sure to be a swappin' good time is the Diva Eve Clothing Swap in New York City on June 22 at Stitch Bar & Lounge (247 W. 37th Street).  Besides free, quality clothing and accessories, you'll score complimentary spa treats and drink specials.  Early bird tickets are $15 (general admission is $20), so act fast!

Not in New York? Diva Eve could be coming to a city near you.


  1. I like this video clip! I've never done a clothing swap. I tend to sell everything I don't want on eBay. But maybe I'll try one!


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