Shop for Your Sex and the City Look for Under $30

On May 27, Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda return to the big screen in "Sex and the City 2." I loved the first film so much I cried.  Then again, I also teared-up during "Spice World."

"Sex and the City" was one of those TV shows I didn't want to end, so I welcome the chance to see these sassy New York City gals again.  They're like old friends you only kick it with once every couple years, but you pick up right where you left off.

If you'd like to make a "Sex and the City" fashion statement, here are a few cute items I found. The "Carrie" necklace ($24.99) and "Famous Quotes" tote ($19.99) are from the HBO Shop, and the "Hello Lover" tee ($28) -- a Beyonce fave -- is by Mighty Fine.

Sex and the City "Famous Quotes" tote, $19.99

Mighty Fine "Hello Lover" tee, $28

The trailer for "Sex and the City 2" had me at "Hello Lover," and the hot soundtrack features Alicia Keys ("Empire State of Mind"), Erykah Badu ("Window Seat"), and a duet by Leona Lewis  and "SATC" co-star Jennifer Hudson ("Love Is Your Color").

Image credit: Mighty Fine, HBO