Your Period Is Easier with Necessit-Ease Panties!

None of us looks forward to getting our period.  For me, that's a time for double pad-and-panty duty.  I know, TMI.  But thanks to Necessit-Ease ($14), there's a stylish panty that provides more coverage.

I was sent a pair of the period undies drive, and they're cute and comfy.  The panties were designed by Grace SooHoo after a conversation with her girlfriends about their menstrual woes sparked the idea.

They're made with a breathable poly-coated fabric and meant to provide an effective layer of protection even during the heaviest days of your cycle.  I still prefer to double up, but for max coverage now I can wear two pair of Necessit-Ease -- a simple solution to a common problem.

Necessit-Ease is available online and coming soon to a retailer near you. You know you want a pair.


  1. Interesting product that we women can all relate to. Thanks for sharing.


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