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New Year, New Me: Taking Time in Nature for Self-Care

I’m a city girl. But year after year the daily concrete grind – weaving in and out of foot traffic set to an ear ringing soundtrack of honking horns and piercing police, fire truck and ambulance sirens – wears me down. “I’m walking here!” So at least once a year I escape the skyscraper cluttered skyline into nature -- be it to the mystical desert out West or an exotic beach locale with tranquil blue water.  This year, I'm tempted to venture on a snowbound  excursion (not my usual choice of climate) to Quebec. One nature girl getaway that stands out was a solo trip to Southern Utah. Yes, Mormon country. After a girlfriend raved about her solo excursion to Red Mountain Resort in St. George, Utah, I booked my trip. At the time, my web content job had become tedious and my coworkers were working my last nerve. Although diversity is normally a consideration for me when I travel, this time I threw caution to the wind. I desperately needed a change of scenery. “Are there