Valentine's Day Ethically Sourced Jewelry Gifts

What do you want for Valentine's Day?  How about a lovely pair of diamond studs, an elegant onyx bracelet or a sentimental diamond and ruby heart pendant?

Diamond and ruby heart pendant./Gems TV Jewellery
Whether you're dropping a helpful hint to your Valentine or planning to treat yourself, you want to make sure your fine jewelry gifts are conflict-free.  So check out Gems TV Jewellery for below market prices (prices are in pounds; 1 English pound equals 1.57 U.S. dollar) on ethically sourced sterling silver, gold and genuine gemstone jewelry.

What is ethically sourced jewelry? Gems TV is passionate about supporting the mining communities in areas where they uncover gemstones. The company's goal is to "Responsibly Transfer the Ownership of Nature's Most Precious Treasures" and to make sure the mines they buy from are environmentally responsible.

To support the communities where they mine, Gems TV currently funds projects in Madagascar, Tanzania and Inner Mongolia.  In Zambia, it supports two schools, a clinic and a farming project.