Cali Style Invades New York at Fall 2011 Red Light Press Preview

I covered the Red Light press preview last week for my friend Liliam's cool website, Mondette (small world). We met way back in the day as giggly interns for Rolling Stone magazine and now as Mondette's editorial director she and her team are the go-to source for all that's fab in L.A.

Browsing all the stylin' clothes from West coast designers and brands made me feel like an L.A. least for an afternoon.

Check out my write-up on new, Cali-based lines like WkShp and Loud Love Jewelry for Mondette here.

These Ami Club Wear pumps are ready to party!
This Ami Club Wear faux-leather satchel is perfect for fall.

I was also tres impressed by the budget chic offerings from online retailer Ami Club Wear (see above photos). Um, the company's motto is "the positive place for girls" but please try to ignore the Playboy-esque model shots when you go to Ami Club Wear's website.  I promise you'll find great bargains like trendy, colorful pumps (under $30) and a sporty faux-leather satchel (under $50).

Photos by Tracy Hopkins


  1. Sounds like a very cool event to cover, I have to check out Ami Clubwear, I really like that oversized satchel handbag, I am a sucker for large handbags!

    The Honeyroom


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