Celebrity Stylist Phillip Bloch Dishes on J. Lo, Glee, Nicole Kidman and Gwyneth's "Goop"

Celebrity stylist Phillip Bloch is rarely at a loss for words.  I chatted with the A-list wardrobe guru (he's dressed Sandra Bullock, Halle Berry, and Jada Pinkett-Smith just to name-drop a few) during Fashion Week at a gifting lounge he hosted in the Empire Hotel.  Here are the highlights of "The Shopping Diet" author's juicy interview with Everything She Wants.

Celebrity stylist Phillip Bloch./Photo by Tracy Hopkins
On Social Media

I just started blogging and tweeting in the last six months to a year.  And when I tweet about something very personal, people go crazy.  Once I blogged about a bad date and people [responded], "Oh my God, I had a bad date too!" It’s a way for people to feel more [connected].  We live vicariously through celebrities, so [social media] is an entrĂ©e into that world.

On J. Lo

I’ve always wondered why J. Lo hasn’t had a makeup contract [until now with L'Oreal]. That face is stunning.  Whether you like her or not.  People thought she was a b**ch. And then you watch “American Idol,” and you see she’s actually cool. 

On Gwyneth Paltrow's website Goop

I’m a big fan of Gwyneth Paltrow’s site. It’s really interesting to see that she created it. It’s very well setup.  [I tell Phillip I'm not a fan of Gwyneth, even if her latest celebrity victim friend is Beyonce]. Well, pretend it’s not Gwyneth.  She has an Oscar and her husband is a major rock star.  She doesn’t need to do this.  I’m so impressed by Goop.  And I’m the first one to say I don’t like something. 

On "Glee"

I wasn’t into "Glee" and then I got caught in a marathon.  Now I’m like, when is it on again? The same thing with "[American] Idol."  But I started watching because of Jennifer [Lopez] and now I love it.

On what A-List celebs are really like?

I’ve worked in this business a long time and the reality is that most of these girls are cool.  I always hung out with the cool girls in school.  That’s how I got to where I am.  And these are the cool girls.  Because nobody wants to be on set in some foreign country with a b**ch? Yes, there’s always gonna be a Naomi Campbell. But girls like Meg Ryan, Cameron Diaz, Cindy Crawford, and Nicole [Kidman] – they’re cool.

Image from CBS/New York Magazine.
Watch "Grammys: Nicole Kidman's Teenage Dream" at New York Magazine

We’re given an image and we buy into an image.  At the Grammys when they showed Nicole Kidman singing along with Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” – that was a moment for me.
You could tell she was almost embarrassed she was on camera.

Everyone thinks of Nicole as cold and icy.  I know she’s not.  She’s so fun and girly.  We think we know who Nicole is, but we don’t have a clue.  She’s actually really down-to-earth.  The first time I met her was when she was shooting a Premiere cover and she walks in with a pair of black jeans (probably Prada) and a sheer black t-shirt, chewing a piece of gum, no makeup and hair pulled back.  I’m buried in the racks and I look up and she says, “Hi, I’m Nicole.”