Britney Spears Wears Dannijo in "Hold It Against Me"

Britney Spears debuted her new video "Hold It Against Me" this week.  But the former blonde bombshell isn't breaking any new ground with her look or her sound; her long extension-styling and vocals are straight outta "Stronger" from 2000.

Besides the Brit vs. Brit fight scene, the video's only other highlight is the "Ismene" necklace ($745) by Dannijo she wears in the expanding corset ball gown scene.

Dannijo Ismene necklace

Dannijo is one of my favorite jewelry brands.  The jaw-dropping, handmade necklace is made with an oxidized silver plated array of Swarovski crystals and chains and is available in the clear crystal version Britney wore and an edgier turquoise and black crystal color combo that would look fab on Lady Gaga or Gwen Stefani.