Get OKA b. Sandals for 20% Off!

Thanks to everyone who entered the  Everything She Wants OKA b. giveaway!  It was my most successful contest yet (but then again I've only had two).

And the winner is... Amy Lynn from Illinois.  She followed my contest rules to the letter (she's following the blog, following me on Twitter, and she ReTweeted).  Her winning answer is:

"I want/NEED a paid of OKA b. shoes because my feet have finally come out of their dark cave (winter shoes). New sandals are the most perfect thing to have in the spring and summer. And if they are comfortable, that just makes them WAY better."

Even if you didn't win, you too can pick up a pair of OKA b. sandals and save 20%!  Go to and before you check out enter the promo code, INSIDER20.

And stay tuned for more cool contests!