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Celebrate National Best Friend's Day with Your BFF

I recently saw Rocketman and it’s fantastic -- packed with dynamic acting, singing and dancing. A poignant story point that also stuck with me was the unconditional love shared by Elton John and his songwriting partner and best friend, Bernie Taupin.  “We’ve never had an argument,” Elton John said of his longtime friend. I’m proud I can say the same about my best friend, Cindy. Even though we’ve taken different paths in life, during the course of our thirty-five year friendship we have never had anything more than a minor disagreement, and we remain each other’s biggest supporters.  Best Friends Forever We entered Howard University in D.C. together, but Cindy transferred after one semester. She has three kids, I have none. In a full circle career twist she became principal of our high school. I make a living as a freelance writer. She never left our hometown in Baltimore, and I moved to the bright lights of New York City 25 years ago. Yet, despite the physical distance w