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#HappyCaturday: Keep Your Cat Happy and Healthy During Your Labor Day Getaway

News flash.  I'm all about cats.  And in addition to writing and blogging, I'm the cat sitter in charge at HappyCat Brooklyn Cat Sitting .  Recently, I was introduced to a new modern cat furniture brand, Tuft + Paw .  Founded by Jackson Cunningham, the California brand has been dubbed the "West Elm of cat furniture," and  has a talented team of cat behavior experts, designers, and engineers. Everything She Wants asked Tuft + Paw 's veterinarian for tips on how to care for your feline friends while you're away for Labor Day vacay. Photos courtesy of Tuft + Paw Everything She Wants : Is it a myth or fact that you can leave your cat home by herself/himself for several days or longer as long as you leave out food and water?  Tuft + Paw : This is mostly a myth. While it's safe to leave a cat for short periods of time, I would not recommend leaving a cat home alone for several days. The biggest danger is that the cat could became ill and woul