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Hair Growth Tips from Jane Carter Solution

Hair loss can be devastating to a woman's self-esteem. And according to the American Hair Loss Association, women make up forty percent of American hair loss sufferers.   So if you, like me, are experiencing hair thinning, you're  probably   wondering what   the heck you can do  to re-grow your hair?  So I asked Jane Carter (a Maya Rudolph doppelganger), founder of Jane Carter Solution products, for a few tips. Haircare expert, Jane Carter. Everything She Wants : What motivated you to start your own product line? Jane Carter: I became allergic to products that were available in the market that we used in my salon. There were no products available in the market that I could use on all my clients. I'm a colorist and my clients included all hair types and textures. ESW : What is the best way to keep natural hair for women of color healthy? JC: Scalp care is vital to healthy hair and some of the most important factors are shampooing and deep conditioning often.

Rosacea Skin Care Tips from Eucerin and Dr. Rosemarie Ingleton

Have you noticed women who have rosy cheeks even when they're not blushing?  That frequent flushing of the center of the face--which may include the forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin--occurs in the earliest stage of rosacea, a chronic disease that affects the skin and sometimes the eyes. The disorder is characterized by redness, acne and in advanced stages, thickened skin. Rosacea is more common in menopausal women with fair skin. There's no known cure, but the condition can be controlled. In observance of Rosacea Awareness Month (April), Everything She Wants  went to an exclusive  Eucerin  event at Manhattan's swanky Townhouse Spa, and we came away with some helpful tips from renowned dermatologist, Dr. Rosemarie Ingleton, on how to minimize the appearance of rosacea: 1. Avoid certain foods and drinks that make you flush .  That means skip the red wine, caffeine and hot wings! 2. Apply broad spectrum sun protection every day.  Use SPF 30 or higher. 3. Cover

Are You Ready for Scandal's Third Season Finale?

Even after binge watching the first two seasons of ABC's mega-hit series, Scandal , we didn't join the Gladiator nation. Blasphemy ! While we found some of the characters compelling--namely Olivia's devious Dad (given gravitas by master thespian Joe Morton), the conniving Cyrus, the fiery First Lady and that cute double-agent Jake (we've been fans of Scott Foley since his Felicity days)--we can't take much more of Olivia and Fitz's melodramatic, torrid love affair. But we hate to be left out of a pop culture moment, and plan to catch the third season on demand. So we'll miss tonight's scandalous season finale, but millions of diehard fans will be hanging on every dramatic line that falls from Kerry Washington's ever-pouted, quivering lips. As you watch, in true Olivia Pope fashion, we're sure there will be no shortage of  red, red wine .  That's one thing that fascinates us about Ms. Pope -- how can she down a bottle of vino every nigh

Music Festival Style from Coachella to Firefly for Under $50

You're headed to a music festival this spring or summer , so what should you pack? What we didn't see coming is that '90s style is trending in a big way. That means overalls are back. Take a moment to visualize that fashion flashback. So…maybe we should have salvaged the Calvin Klein denim overalls we practically lived in from like '96 to '98. On second thought, maybe not. Polka Dot Shortalls   from Forever 21, ($28). Thankfully, fast fashion retailers like Forever 21 have concocted cuter versions of the unflattering overalls revival. Rock Refinery  'Welcome to the Jungle' muscle tee, ($38). "You're gonna hear me roar!" Get festival-ready with rockin' apparel and accessories for under $50 from Rock Refinery . Kardashian Kollection Tortoiseshell Cat Eye Sunglasses ,  ($19) . Shield your eyes while you fist-pump to your fave artists in a pair of cool  Kardashian Kollection cat-eye sunglasses, nicely priced under $20 at

H&M and More: Downtown Brooklyn's Evolving Retail Landscape

Everything She Wants reported that Conway stores were closing in NYC , and they did. But as one of the cashiers at the downtown Brooklyn outpost informed us last month as we snatched up the remaining sale Conway in downtown Brooklyn re-opens. merchandise, the store would re-open under new management ( Fallas ). While the other Conway stores in Manhattan remain shuttered, this weekend we perused the "new" Fulton Mall store...but what's inside leaves a lot to be desired. Pum-pum shorts, polyester maxi dresses and a sparse assortment of other gaudy clothing and accessories. If this is the "Grand Opening," as the sign outside proclaims, we'd hate to see what the store's next closing will look like. Armani Exchange represents the new Fulton Mall./Photos by Tracy E. Hopkins Downstairs--which used to be fully stocked with nicely priced housewares and home goods--most of the shelves are still empty.  And flimsy fashion shoes for women

Turn Your Home into a Cozy, Cat Condo

Gracie on her Catty Stacks./Tracy E. Hopkins I love cats.  There, I said it.  My cat, Gracie, is my baby. She has the run of our Brooklyn condo. She can do whatever she wants, whenever she wants. But luckily, she's a good girl and rarely gets into too much mischief ( it was a different story when we first brought his precious tabby home). Fellow cat lovers can check out an article I wrote for that spotlights four cool cat ladies who transformed their homes to suit their frisky felines. One of the proud cat mamas I interviewed, Kate Benjamin, is a cat style expert whose been featured in The   New York Times . You can find inspiration on how to make your home a haven for you and your kitties on Kate's website, Hauspanther . To the right, there's a shot of Gracie chillin' on her Catty Stacks , stackable modular cat boxes made from durable cardboard and recycled vegetable-based ink. How would you make over your home to cater to your kitty?

Spring 2014 Trends for Work and Play from NYDJ

From contemporary business casual to weekend-ready chic, NYDJ has all the spring wardrobe staples a girl on the go needs.  As always, NYDJ focuses on comfort and a flattering fit just as much as it does on trends and style. We love the Kadyn Fitted Ankle boyfriend jeans and Zip Front Top we were gifted at a recent preview. And here are a few more of the blossoming brand's fashion-forward spring 2014 picks, available now on Striped Tape Sweater in Tangerine & Kadyn Fitted Ankle . Zip Front Top in Havana Blu e. Gina Moto Detail Super Skinny Striped Pointe Jacket . Karmin Patched Skinny .